Spotify Adds New “Gaming” Category For The Gamer In All Of Us

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Virtually everyone is a gamer these days and all gamers have their favorite song from a game or even game soundtrack. It looks like Spotify realized this and has added a new song category this morning called “Gaming.” This new category seems to be showing up across all platforms including desktop, so users should be able to access it from anywhere.

What this new gaming category brings to the table is pretty well explained in its title, music from some of your favorite video games.

Music from games all the way back in the 80’s to music from popular new titles such as No Man’s Sky are included in this new category. Spotify has even gone as far as to create an entire section on their website ( where gamers can go and make their own gaming playlists with access to every Spotify gaming track.

Starting today, we’re giving you all of your favorite gaming music and soundtracks – all housed in a single category. Find curated playlists like Power Gaming, RetroWave and Top Gaming Tracks as well as hundreds of gaming titles, covering everything from nostalgic 80’s mono tunes to the hottest new releases such as No Man’s Sky, Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 – and we’re only just getting started. Also included are exclusively curated guest playlists by gaming profiles like Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra, and even more to come.

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To get to the new gaming category in Spotify, all users have to do is head over to the “Browse” section and they will see it listed as a category under “Genres and Moods.”

Source: Spotify