AT&T Will Carry The Kyocera DuraForce Pro, A Rugged Smartphone With A Built-In Action Camera

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One product category that has quickly risen to popularity over the past two or three years is the action camera. Products like the GoPro, HTC Re, and much more have caught the public’s attention, and for good reason. These products are awesome, but they have their disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage of something like a GoPro is that you don’t always have it with you. But what do you always have on you? Your smartphone.

AT&T has recently announced that they will be carrying the recently announced Kyocera DuraForce Pro, a brand new, rugged Android smartphone with the world’s first built-in super wide angle action camera. Despite the rugged design, Kyocera doesn’t skip out too much on some features that we’ll all find important such as the 5″ Full HD display, build in fingerprint sensor, and the 13MP primary camera which complements the wide-angle one.

Pricing and release information have yet to be announced, but we should find out more soon considering Kyocera has already mentioned that this phone will be launching this fall.

Source: AT&T