The Galaxy Note 7 Will Get Android 7.0 Within 2-3 Months According To Samsung

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During a short interview with the Korea Times, Samsung’s Koh Dong-jin has confirmed that the company is aiming to update the Galaxy Note 7 to Android Nougat within 2-3 months.

Android Nougat is rumored to launch sometime in August, for Nexus devices at first. After that, the upcoming LG V20 will be the first device to launch with the new version, and after that Google’s 2016 Nexus devices will further show off the new OS.

It’s great to see that Samsung is committing to updating their latest flagship device to Nougat,  but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that 2-3 months time frame. It took the company quite some time to update previous Note devices from the version they launched with, but regardless I’d say we’ll see the update by the end of this year at the very least. Let’s make it happen Samsung!

Via: Droid-Life