Google Now Content Suggestions Are Coming To Chrome For Android

1 min read

Google Now is a staple of Android, giving users quick and easy access to relevant information that they want to see. Among cards that include the weather, traffic data, and more, Google Now can also recommend articles based on your previous interests.

This feature is a great way to quickly catch up on news you may have missed. Now it seems that Google is looking to expand the feature to Chrome for Android, on the new tab page.

The feature is already live in the developer version of Chrome for Android, although you may need to toggle it on through Chrome’s flags menu. This is of course in its early days, so it isn’t very stable just yet.

Once you do have access, however, a quick swipe up on the new tab page will reveal personalized content suggestions such as recent bookmarks and news articles based on your browsing habits. If you find an article you like, simply tap it and it will open on that new tab page.

Via: Android Police Download Chrome Dev