T-Mobile Has Consolidated Its Mobile Plans Into A Single Unlimited Data Plan

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T-Mobile is taking yet another jab at the other big three carriers in the game by unveiling Uncarrier 12. What T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 12 entails is a new plan that the company is calling “T-Mobile ONE.” This new plan supposedly offers up a “truly unlimited” experience, but unfortunately it’s really not.

At first glance, T-Mobile ONE seems like a great plan. Here’s what T-Mobile claims the plan offers customers:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot tethering
  • Simple Global, Mobile Without Borders, Carrier Freedom, WiFi Unleashed, Stock Up
  • First line cost $70, second line cost $50, after that up to eight lines cost $20 each
  • The ability to add tablets for $20 per month
  • The ability to add wearables for $5 per month

Again, this appears to look great if you take the plan at face value, but when you read the fine print you realize things aren’t quite as they seem. This plan is actually anything but “truly unlimited.” Customers on this plan actually only get 26GB of 4G LTE data before T-Mobile begins throttling them. Oh and that unlimited mobile hotspot tethering customers get is throttled to 2G speeds, which basically makes it unusable. Lastly, on top of both of those things, BingeOn, the feature that throttles video streaming to 480p is always on and cannot be turned off unless customers want to pay an extra $25 per month per line.

We really wanted to love T-Mobile’s ONE plan, but sadly it looks to be a bust. Most customers would be better off just sticking with their current plans as it would end up costing them less. However, despite all of this, if T-Mobile ONE still interests you, the plan will be available starting September 6. Current customers can keep their plans they have now, but any new T-Moibe customers after September 6 will only have the choice of T-Mobile ONE.

Source: T-Mobile