Klinker Apps, Creators Of EvolveSMS And Talon For Twitter, Announces New Cross-Platform Messaging App

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Luke and Jacob Klinker, the brothers behind popular apps Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, announced a new cross-platform messaging app Monday. With a working title of (drum roll…) “Messenger”, the app works on any Android device (phone or tablet) and your PC browser (for tablet and PC support you’ll need to set up an account). Privacy is protected by end-to-end encryption, so that even the app developers can’t read your messages.

Other features listed on the Klinker Messenger website include the ability to set custom colors for each contact, night mode, easy blacklisting to block spam, custom notifications for each contact and the ability to schedule messages. A full feature list can be found here. My favorite aspect of the yet-to-be-formally-named app is that when you set up an account your message history will be backed up in the cloud. If you have to factory reset your device for any reason (such as *ahem* flashing a new custom ROM), your past messages will be preserved.

The app uses the same messaging protocol as EvolveSMS, but is nowhere near as complex. Also, EvolveSMS relies on third-party apps like Yapper or PushBullet to support messaging on tablets and PCs whereas cross-platform support is built directly into the new app. Currently it’s only available in a closed beta, so you’ll have to ask to join the Google+ community to test it out for yourself. According to Luke Klinker, when it comes out of beta, the cross-platform support will come at a small subscription price to cover hosting costs.

A sleek text messaging replacement with amazing layouts and animations, that also allows you to text from any of your Android devices, or the web, right through your phone number!

Via Luke Klinker in Google+