Pebble 4.0 Released With UI Improvements, Better Health Tracking

2 min read

Pebble has today introduced Pebble 4.0, a big new update to its wearable operating system. Along with the usual bug fixes, 4.0 also brings improved health and fitness features, redesigns to the health-related apps, and some major UI tweaks.

The biggest change is to the health apps. Now users can swipe press the up button from their watchface and quickly access their steps with a second press going to sleep tracking. The UIs for both have also been redesigned to give more information directly on the watch. On the companion Android/iOS apps, users will also be able to see more detailed information through graphs that are easier to understand.

Pebble’s launcher has also been tweaked to a more condensed layout that shows more apps on screen at once. Each icon also shows “App Glances” which show preview info from an app without opening it. For example, weather info, sports scores, reminders, and more. Notifications can also now pop-up on top of the watch face, giving users a quick preview of their notifications without obscuring the time.


The entire OS has also received a boost in speed. Animations are faster, apps open quicker, and thanks to some of the UI changes, users can now move through their watch quicker than ever. On iOS, users can also use email quick actions such as delete, archive, reply, and more. For the time being however, this feature is limited to Gmail accounts.

To get Pebble 4.0 on your Pebble Time, Time Steel, or Time Round, just update the companion app on your smartphone and the watch will be updated to the latest OS version.

Team Pebble is proud to share the latest big update to our software and mobile apps. Version 4.0 is all about maximizing  your ability to “glance and go.” We worked hard to make sure your Pebble helps you get information quickly and act faster than ever before.

Source: Pebble