Lenovo Announces The Entertainment-Centric Yoga Tab 3 Plus Android Tablet With JBL Speakers, Battery Rated To Last 18 Hours

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Lenovo’s latest entertainment-oriented Android tablet comes in the form of the Yoga Tab 3 Plus, bringing a 2K display, four front-facing JBL speakers and a battery they claim will last 18 hours on normal use. It will be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 652 along with 3GB RAM and will have 32GB of storage. It has USB-C connectivity and supports MicroSD expansion up to 128GB and packs a 9300mAh battery for those Netflix binge-watching sessions.

The Snapdragon 652 won’t exactly blow your gaming buddies out of the water, but with the display, speakers and battery rating the Yoga Tab 3 Plus appears to be tailored more to the YouTube and Netflix crowd. With Color Enhance technology from Technicolor and Dolby Atmos® technology on the software front, Lenovo seems to be making more of a budget-friendly 10.1-inch smart TV than a simple Android tablet. Perhaps that’s why they’re releasing this tablet with Marshmallow in late 2016 rather than Nougat.

Last year’s Android notwithstanding, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus will only set you back $299, which isn’t half bad for a 10.1-inch smarter-than-a-smart TV with what amounts to a built-in JBL soundbar. You can get one for yourself in October.