Google’s 2016 Nexus phones, well, they’re going to be Pixel phones instead

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According to an exclusive report from Android Police, the Nexus Program faces a bleak future as Google has decided to market its two collaborations with HTC as the Pixel (Sailfish) and the Pixel XL (Marlin). It appears that 2016 might mark the end of the venerable Nexus program in favor of yet another phone in which most of the user experience is proprietary (more on that in a separate article).

I know it’s a lot to process for longtime Nexus fans (myself included), despite the rather simple nature of the news broken lately by Android Police and Android Central. It’s not as if we’ve suddenly been deluged with a flood of new information leaked from some supply chain vendor about a flagship phone. It’s nothing but a name change, right? Wrong.

It’s the implications of this name change that are overwhelming our synapses. It potentially marks the end of an era. We may never again see a phone released simply with “stock Android” bundled with a few proprietary Google Apps. There were rumblings earlier this summer that Huawei would actually be making a follow-up to the popular Nexus 6P but nothing new has surfaced about this for weeks and there’s no reason to expect that to happen now. As for the “Nexus Launcher” that was leaked earlier, that may have simply been the working title or it may simply be called that because it’s also part of the 7.0 Nougat release available for current Nexus devices.

Nothing, of course, is official until Google announces it, but Android Police has the uncommon tendency to be almost completely accurate with its leaks, plus it corroborates the earlier report from Android Central. I honestly think we’re closing the book on the Nexus program. It will certainly be missed by a small, but very passionate and vocal group of enthusiasts, including yours truly.

Source: Android Police