A quick hands-on with a new cross-platform messaging app from Klinker Apps

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In today’s world, there is definitely no shortage of messaging apps. From Facebook Messenger to Skype, there is a messaging client for just about everyone’s special needs. So, to stand out in such a diluted market of messaging apps is a rather difficult task. Despite this, Klinker Apps new messaging app seems to do just that.

I got my hands on the beta version of Klinker Apps new app, “Messenger” a few days ago and so far I have been liking it. Before I say anything else, though, I would like to say that I am coming from Google’s texting app, also named Messenger. Speaking of that, this new texting app is actually quite like Google’s texting app in many ways. The ability to alter each individual conversation thread color, the ability to block individual contacts, and the ability to choose a different notification sound for each contact are all of the ways that the two apps are similar. Then, if you dig a little deeper into the settings you will quickly notice that Klinker Apps texting app offers a handful of more features that not a lot of other messaging apps do.

The most prevalent of these features is is the cross-platform feature. This allows you to sync up your phone number to an online account that then allows you to access your text messages from any device, even tablets, and PCs. The easiest way to imagine this is by thinking of how Google Voice works. Now I did try out these supposed cross-platform capabilities to some disappointment. At least in my testing, I found that none of my conversations would appear on my PC or my tablet. You can see below (left) that none of my conversations are appearing on my PC despite them all appearing on my phone (right).

Other than that pitfall of a feature, the app offers many other enticing features. Color selection for each conversation thread is very customizable. It not only lets users select the color of the chat bubbles but the status bar color and send button color as well. Then there is the ability to either pin or mute individual conversations. These features essentially do what you would think. Pinning keeps the conversation at the top of the list and muting stops notifications from that conversation. In my short time with the app, I have already found both of these features to be useful.

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Last but certainly not least the app has built-in search capabilities. This has been the feature that I personally have found to be the most useful so far. It allows you to search for a phrase, word, or even a single letter throughout all of your text conversations. If you text a certain person a lot and often find yourself going back and looking for a specific text, this search feature can be a life-saver.

At the end of the day, I have rather enjoyed using Klinker Apps new messaging app. The best comparison I could give you is Google Messenger, but with more features. It’s pretty, simple to use, and gets the job done. Would I suggest it? Yes, it’s a decent texting app and if the developers can get the cross-platform aspect working more reliably then it would be a no-brainer. But I have to cut them some slack and you guys do too because the app is still very much in beta. That being said, the developers over at Klinker Apps have been doing a very good job with regular updates and it shouldn’t be long before they get the cross-platform aspect up and running.

As of this writing, the app is in closed-beta. If you are interested in trying out the app yourself you can request an invite at the link below.

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