PlayStation 4 Pro launching this November

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With the mid-generation hitting its starting point, many have been anticipating Sony’s official reveal for their more powerful PS4. Finally, that time has come at today’s PlayStation Meeting.

The PS4 Pro will allow for 4K and high-dynamic range (HDR) support, making for image quality that looks rather impressive. Sony has been quick to dispel any ideas that the PS4 Pro would gate off the PS4 family. Games would still be designed to run optimally on PS4 while adding extra flourish on PS4 Pro.


As expected of stream quality, we weren’t able to see how much better the games look. However, the comparisons between HDR and non-HDR displays was surprising. The PS4 Pro will also have advantages for those with HDTVs, like supersampling and visuals/performance boosts.

One interesting detail with regards to VR is that developers are free to use the extra power of the PS4 Pro to improve visual fidelity and framerate. With the display limited to the resolution of the PSVR, it makes sense to put that horsepower elsewhere.

zero-dawnThe games shown off were varied, from month and year-old titles like Infamous: First Light and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to upcoming releases like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Sony also made sure to point out that currently available titles will be recieving updates that will let them use the perks of the PS4 Pro.

While no specifics were mentioned, we know that we’ll have double the GPU power and boosted CPU clocks. Most importantly, the PS4 Pro will have a 1TB hard drive.

The part that surprised me the most with the PS4 Pro was the release details. The PS4 Pro will be releasing on November 10th at $399 USD. That price may make you do a double-take, but remember that this is essentially a 4K PS4, nothing more.

ps4-slimThe PS4 Pro wasn’t the only new hardware revealed at the PlayStation Meeting. The leaked slim version of the PS4 will be starting distribution on September 15th for $299. In addition, all PS4s will be getting a firmware update to add HDR support..

With the upcoming holiday season fast approaching, Sony looks to be poised to take it to Microsoft and Nintendo’s dismay. The PS4 Pro launching at the same price as the original PS4 will help tremendously, and PS4 owners don’t need to feel left out. While we need more details, the PS4 Pro looks to be the best jumping-in point for this generation right now.

The PS4 Pro launches November 10th for $399, and the PS4 Slim launches September 15th for $299.