Introducing YourTechExplained

2 min read

As we approach the fourth anniversary of iTechTriad it’s become more and more incredible to me how far the site has come. Back in the early days I still remember myself and Alex Garcia getting together to shoot videos and even work on our website which, at the time, was absolutely terrible. Since then we’ve added wonderful team members, gotten better and better at the content we make, and continued to enjoy everything we do here, all for you, the readers.

Over time though, iTechTriad has changed. Originally this site started as a local thing, which is where the name came from. We are based out of a region in North Carolina known as the “Triad”, but as our audience grew beyond that area, and even beyond the country, we felt that the name no longer fit as well, so we came to the decision to rebrand. At the same time, we took a closer look at all of the other tech websites and YouTube channels out there, and we saw a lot of the same. There are literally hundreds of places to go to get reviews and news, but there’s been something missing, a focus on the average person.

Most tech websites focus on techies, and while that’s great, it also leads to some things going over people’s heads. There’s nowhere you can really go to learn more about the products that you’re buying from the setup process to the advanced features, so we decided that’s what we wanted to create and that’s why today we’re introducing YourTechExplained.

YourTechExplained will bring over the same team members we currently have but with a change in the type of topics you’ll see. We’ll be eliminating news and leaks on our site, and rather focus on reviews, tutorials, editorials, and deals. To keep our readers informed, we’ll still have a dedicated page on the website which will house news content from other publications which we trust. Those news stories will also be shared on our social media profiles.

For new products that come into the office, you can expect a full review as usual, but along with that, we’ll also be doing device specific setup guides, tips and tricks videos and articles, as well as specific tutorials for the devices and operating systems that you use on a daily basis.

We’re all excited for what the future of YourTechExplained will bring, and we hope you’ll join us. To make the transition easy you may have already noticed that our older articles now fall under the YourTechExplained domain, and all of our social accounts have been renamed. This allows us to keep the same audience and lets you continue to follow us as you have. Stay tuned! We’ll have even more coming over the next several weeks, and we’re excited to show it to you…