The Amazon Echo Dot is back, now for just $50

1 min read

Amazon first introduced the Echo Dot last year for $89, but there were a few catches. First, you could only get it if you were an Amazon Prime customers who already owned an Alexa powered device, aka an Echo or Fire TV. Further, the device was only available for a couple of months and has remained out of stock since. Now, Amazon has brought back the Echo Dot and it’s an epic deal now.

At just $50, the 2nd generation Echo Dot brings a similar design compared to the original and also now includes new buttons for raising and lowering the volume manually. The device is also now available in white (the same for the standard Echo). If you’re interested, and you should be, in taking advantage of this great deal, click the links below to get the device in the color of your choice.

Pre-orders open today and devices ship out starting October 20th…