How to check if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe and how to return it if it’s not

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Samsung’s current Galaxy Note 7 recall is a big deal, as one would expect when phones are exploding around the world. Thankfully, the company is finally taking action by working together with the US Consumer Product Safety Association to help get these faulty units off the market and get new, safe units in the hands of consumers.

Tonight Samsung has finally released more details on how you can exchange your faulty Note 7 for a safe unit.

The first step is to determine if your device is in fact affected by the recall. To do this, head over to Samsung’s official IMEI/Serial number checker and enter in your device’s identifier to figure out if it was affected by the recall. Spoiler alert, it is. As of September 15th, 2016 every Galaxy Note 7 on the market will have been affected by this recall, but after the 15th this tool should begin displaying units that are safe.

If you’re unsure of how to find your IMEI, you can do so on your Note 7 by going to Apps > Settings > About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI information or Serial number

If your device is affected, you’ll need to make a phone call to one of a few different sources depending on where you bought the device. Keep in mind the list below only applies for US purchases. Samsung has more information on their website on how to exchange the phone in other regions.

Galaxy Note 7 IMEI Tracker