Lenovo X1 Tablet Review – Professional Reliability

3 min read

Tablets are a common sight. But uncommon is the tablet that can become a PC. That is exactly the case with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet, a powerful tablet that can easily double as a PC with a few tricks up its sleeve.


First off, the tablet has a simple design. It’s made of metal with a lip at the bottom for mounting some of Lenovo’s unique modules. The whole build feels pretty sturdy doesn’t give off a cheap feel by any means. It looks reasonably professional too with a sleek black design and many features when it comes to ports because it does utilize USB Type-C for charging.

Taking a look on the back, the X1 tablet hides a hinge for standing the tablet upright, which might come in handy when using the pen used for virtually anything.


The Pen

The pen is very reliable and easy to use. It’s comfortable and is usable in almost any instance. The pen comes with a holder piece for storing the pen away when you aren’t using it at all.

When it comes to accuracy, I found that the pen was actually pretty accurate and felt natural. It has two buttons on it right where your thumb would lie, which have different functions depending on what app is in use. All around, the pen is a great addition to the X1.


Fingerprint Sensor

Something else pretty great about the hardware is the fingerprint sensor. Once set up, the sensor is very accurate and makes things a little easier on a Windows tablet. Instead of typing in a long password or even a 4-digit pin, you can just use your thumb. That’s perfect for a tablet, even in a professional instance, where you need information at an instance, but also want to keep it as confidential as possible.



When it comes to speed, the X1 Tablet is on top of things pretty reliably. I haven’t had any lag hiccups or issues thus far and have enjoyed using the tablet. With 8 or 16 Gbs of RAM, speed really shouldn’t be a problem anyway. When it comes around to storage, the X1 houses an SSD, which will be really handy because loading documents and things of the sort will be a breeze and won’t cause any slowdown. In the X1 Tablet you can get up to an Intel Core m7 vPro Processor, which makes for some smooth performance. It’s also running on up to 1 TB of SSD goodness, which will cut loading times on documents significantly.


The display on the X1 tablet is just insane. Lenovo has always had some fantastic displays, and the thought continues with this one. Colors pop and are extremely vibrant, making artwork come to life. It doesn’t stop there. Artwork, photo editing, or just general browsing are brought to the next level with the 2K 12-inch screen. This is seriously going on the list for top displays of the year.



Modules were a big selling point on this tablet, and they sure are pretty neat. The simplest is the keyboard module, which just adds a fully fledged keyboard to the tablet, making it a laptop. It’s comfortable and gets the job done. There’s also a productivity module, adding 3 USB ports and more battery life, and then a Projector module, which allows you to project your screen onto any surface.

The module I was able to test was the keyboard module. I’ll admit it took a bit to get used to, but once I did, I liked the keyboard a lot. It helped with navigation and the fact that it snapped on in an instant, made it that much better.


Final Thoughts

All in all, the X1 Tablet is pretty impressive and feature-packed. Lenovo delivered again with the Lenovo X1 Tablet addition. Whether you’re in a business environment, or you just need a tablet/PC for everyday tasks, the X1 Tablet will not disappoint. If you want to grab one, go ahead and head here.