Should you upgrade to the new Apple Watch?

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If you’re the proud owner of an original Apple Watch then you may be asking yourself if Apple’s new smartwatch is worth upgrading to. A couple of days ago, we did our best to answer that exact question when it came to the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, this question is a bit more difficult to answer when it comes to the new Apple Watch. You see, the Apple Watch is a wearable and an expensive one at that, so upgrading it as frequently as a phone isn’t something that most people are going to want or even need to do.

On our quest to decide whether or not you should upgrade your Apple Watch, let’s go ahead and start off by going over what sets the new Apple Watch apart from the original. More specifically, let’s start off talking about what sets the new Apple Watch apart, externally. There actually isn’t much to discuss here, in fact, most people almost certainly won’t be able to differentiate the new Apple Watch from the old as the appearance is essentially identical. The only external differences are the brighter display and ever so slightly thicker body of the watch (0.9mm thicker). Having this thicker body isn’t for no reason, though. Apple put a bigger battery as well as GPS into this year’s Apple Watch. Built-in GPS will allow for a broader range of activities to be tracked as well as eliminating the need to have your phone in order to accurately track them. One of those new activities the Apple Watch can track is swimming, but this isn’t made possible by the addition of the GPS. The new Apple Watch can now track swimming due to its upgraded water-resistance. With the new Apple Watch, you can submerge the device up to 50 meters and it has a very special speaker that ejects water from itself using sound vibrations once you’re done swimming. And last but certainly not least there is the upgraded processor inside the new Apple Watch that this time around is dual-core.

Now that we’ve gone over exactly what’s new in this year’s Apple Watch, let’s start calling it what it’s supposed to be called, Apple Watch Series 2. You may be wondering what is going on with this naming convention due to the fact that Apple never had a Series 1 Apple Watch in the past. Apple actually did something quite confusing this year and announced both the Series 1 and Series 2 at the same time. Yes, Apple has two new variants of the Apple Watch coming out on the 16th. The Series 2 is the Watch that I just described above and the Series 1 is the original Apple Watch with the new dual-core processor inside.

So, all of that being said, who should be considering upgrading to the new Apple Watch? There are two specific types of people who should be considering upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 2, those who swim frequently and those who always need to be on the bleeding edge of technology. But I even question advising these types of people to upgrade to the Series 2 because of its price tag. The lowest priced Apple Watch Series 2 that you can buy is priced at $369, that price then goes all the way up to $1099 for the most expensive model. At that price, if your current Apple Watch is still in good condition and does everything you need it to then upgrading is difficult to advise. That’s just a lot of money to spend on a wearable, especially when you consider that it’s the most expensive mainstream fitness tracker on the market. But hey, if sending a little extra money is your game and you fall into one of the two categories I described above then go for it.

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