3 easy steps to enable Multi-Window Mode for any app on Android Nougat

1 min read

Android 7.0 Nougat is here (for some devices) with the rumored 7.1 just around the corner, and one of the new features that Google has finally added is multi-window mode – and you don’t have to go through an extensive process to use it either. The only issue that we’ve come across with this feature is that not all apps natively support. Well, they can, and here’s how you can force them too.

For this process to work, you have to have ‘Developer Options’ enabled, which you can do by tapping ‘Build Number’ 7 times in your settings. Once enabled, go to that menu and find the option that says ‘Force Activities to be Resizable’. Enabled that option and reboot. Once done, you’ll be able to use any option (such as Pokemon go) in the multi-window view.


Now doing a change like this should affect your phone in any negative way, although some of those developer options can be dangerous if you don’t understand them. If anything, you can always revert this change easily. Also, some apps really don’t like multi-windows so they will change to their tablet UI, just a heads up. We at YourTechExplained are not responsible for your device under any circumstance. 

Once again the three easy steps to enable multi-window are as follows:

  • Enable ‘Developer Settings’
  • Enable ‘Force Activities to be Resizable’
  • Reboot

And that’s it. Follow those three quick steps and any app will be available for use with multi-window. So enjoy finally being able to watch YouTube and scroll through the official Twitter app at the same time and so much more!