SleepPhones review

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Sweet dreams are made of this… If you want Annie Lennox to sing you to sleep, then maybe SleepPhones by AcousticSheep are the solution you’re looking for.


There are times when I just want to listen to music before I fall asleep.  Maybe if I just listen to something calming it would help me get to sleep.  When I was younger, I used to put my radio on a sleep timer and let the radio play in the background as I fell asleep.  If I did that now, I would disturb my wife.  I can’t really use headphones or earbuds because they’re just too bulky for bedtime usage.  It’s not very comfortable with your head on a pillow and big bulky Bluetooth headphones on your head.

SleepPhones, designed by a doctor (in my former home of Erie, PA!!!) who was having problems falling back to sleep after taking late night calls solves this issue with a headband and a thin Bluetooth speaker system.  The speakers are positioned so they’ll be right over your ears when you put on the headband. If the speakers are not over your ears, it’s very easy to adjust.  The control unit is a rechargeable “wafer” with buttons that protrude so they can be felt through the fabric of the headband.  The upper button is volume up/next song. The middle button is play/pause and power on/off. The lower button is volume down/previous song.

The fabric of the unit I reviewed reminds me of that “dri-fit” lightweight fabric. There’s also a fleece version. The headband is machine washable. Just make sure you remove the electronic innards before throwing it in the wash. The headband, which comes in “small, large, and one-size fits most” is very comfortable to wear. I forgot I even had it on.


The headband goes on your head like those headbands the ladies use to keep their hair out of their way. I wish it also covered your eyes and acted as a sleep mask.  Maybe a future version could incorporate this. I also wish there was some way to get an indication of how much charge is left on the battery.  The SleepPhones also need to have an auto-power off, so that they’ll turn off when they’re not playing music. The sound on SleepPhones is just fine for listening to soft, relaxing music. The key here is to find something to put you to sleep. You’re not going to be using these to listen to party music, and you’re not going to be cranking the tunes.

There are services out there that provide music suitable for putting your brain in sleep mode. I’m not going to discuss those services and the science behind “sleep music.”  Listening to the music on a low volume setting did help me fall asleep. My problem was finding an app that would allow me to set a timer so the music would stop after a set amount of time.  There is a version of the SleepPhones that are not Bluetooth, instead, have about 17 songs pre-loaded and you can’t add any additional music. This version also has a timer.  I think I would have liked this version, but tech reviewers can’t be choosy!


Both the Bluetooth version (SleepPhones Wireless) and the version with pre-loaded music (SleepPhone Simple) run $99.95.  In the opinion of this reviewer, the price needs to be about $40 or $50 lower. I realize that this is a specialty item, but you can get a good set of Bluetooth headphones for $50, but they wouldn’t be very comfortable to sleep in. If the cost is too much for you, you can get a wired version (SleepPhones Classic) for $39.95, but since these are wired, they must be plugged into an audio source, and it would be quite difficult to roll over while attached to your phone or another audio device.

Before I close, I just wanted to say that I’ve been writing for tech blogs since 2013.  Many of the items I receive for review are sent by the company for the purpose of review. This is the first time I can remember receiving a handwritten card along with my review unit. I don’t know if they include handwritten cards with orders from the general public, but this really stood out, and I hope they do that for everyone and not just tech reviewers. 🙂

Although, I do feel the price should be lower than $99, I am still going to recommend SleepPhones. They do the job and I don’t know of anything else like them on the market. Now, if they would just add a sleep mask…

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