How to use Google Assistant in Allo

2 min read

Among Allo’s other awesome features is the long-awaited Google Assistant. This new enhancement on Google’s search and AI capabilities brings a lot to the table, and with Allo, everything is front and certain, so here’s how you can use it.

Ask A Question

The biggest use for Assistant is to ask a question. Simply open up the chat between you and Google Assistant and ask something like, “What restaurants are nearby?” or “When’s my next calendar event” and Assistant can quickly pull that information back to you and present it in a card.


Set A Reminder

Just like Google Now, you can also ask Assistant to set a reminder. Simply say “Set a reminder” and Assistant will walk you through the process of setting that reminder. Alternatively, you can also type in the full event formatted as “Set a reminder for the movie at 9pm on Friday”. Reminders set within Allo will be sent only to Allo.

Summon Into Your Chats

One of the more useful cases for Assistant in Allo is pulling the service into a chat with a friend (or a group). Simply type “@Google” to start the message and finish with a command such as “What’s the best phone?” and it’ll respond with an answer.

Play Games & Have Fun

Another fun way to use Google Assistant is as a game. You can choose from a number of different games with Google Assistant and even have it tell you a super cheesy joke or two.

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