Aukey’s Super Slim Car Charger is available today for just $8

1 min read

Charging in the car is something we all do, but a lot of cheap car chargers are unreliable, don’t last long, and don’t look great either. With Aukey’s “Ultra Compact” car charger, you can a reliable charger that works great for a reasonable cost.

This charger brings two USB ports both capable of pushing 2.4A. While that doesn’t quite hit the speeds of something like Qualcomm Quick Charge, it does make for a quick charge. This charger is available in black and white and goes great with any smartphone, tablet, or anything else. You won’t get a cable in the box, but you can pick up one of Aukey’s own affordable and reliable cables if you need an extra.

To cut the price, apply the coupon code A2CHARGE for the black model and A3CHARGE for the white.