Ottm Watchband review

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Autumn. It’s the time of year where the temperature starts getting cooler and the days grow shorter. Autumn also makes us think of nature and outdoor activities. The trees display a vibrant show of color. There are hayrides, visiting orchards, gathering of fall crops, and drinking apple cider next to a roaring fire.  Maybe that’s why Mark Adams decided to call his watch bands Ottm.

There are plenty of replacement watch bands out there for both conventional and smartwatches. Those bands are usually made out of silicon or leather. The premium bands are usually made of some kind of metal.  Ottm is none of those. Ottm is made out of wood. Yes. Wood.


Ottm has three different versions, each made from a different type of hardwood. There’s the light cream Maple, the beautiful, earth-toned Sandalwood of Asia, and the gorgeous African Zebrawood.

Ottm first caught my eye as a crowdfunding campaign back in April. I was considering replacing my leather straps with a metal watch band. The problem with the leather straps is that just like a belt, you must buckle and unbuckle each time you wish to remove or put the watch back on your wrist. Eventually, the band starts to show some wear from multiple buckling/unbuckling.  My watch band was starting to curve and the holes for the buckle pin were getting stretched out.  My standard watch came with a metal band. I liked the metal band because once it was sized to my wrist, all you needed to do was release the clasp and remove the watch.  The Ottm uses a butterfly clasp. The clasp along with the link pins and the quick release spring bars are the only non-wood pieces of the band.



My Sandalwood Ottm, which arrived in August, was extremely easy to resize and attach to my ZenWatch 2.  The Ottm comes with a resizing tool and I was able to resize the band without having to go to a jeweler.  I removed two links from my Ottm and had the band attached to my watch in a matter of minutes.  Two extra links are included, just in case you have to resize up instead of resizing down.  The watch uses quick release spring bars for quick and easy attaching and removal of the band.  Considering my current choices of silicon, leather, or Ottm, I’m planning on sticking with Ottm. When resizing, you always want to do so with the same number of links on each side of the clasp, otherwise, you’ll have a lopsided band. (see video for resizing information)

My Ottm is very comfortable on my wrist. No need to be concerned about getting splinters with a watch band made of wood. Each watch band is hand finished and treated with tung oil. Also, no pinching or ripping out of wrist hairs. The Ottm is a little loose on my wrist, but making the Ottm tighter would make it too tight. There are no half-links, only full links for sizing.


I work with the public and my wrists and hands are visible to many people every day.  I often receive comments about Ottm, usually consisting of “That’s an awesome watch!” I suspect they really mean the watch band.  Ottm’s creators need to make a deal for all the advertising I’m doing for them!


I wrote an opinion piece in April about crowdfunding, right after I decided to back Ottm on Indiegogo. Was I taking a risk? Yes, I was. I’ve backed other crowdfunded projects. One of those projects is now sitting in a desk drawer. I think I may have used it once, but now it’s collecting dust. Another crowdfunded project was an epic failure and I ended up losing it sometime after receiving it. Am I disappointed in Ottm? No way! I love Ottm! If there ends up being an Ottm 2.0, I want it!

There are versions of Ottm for both the Apple Watch and a 22mm version which will work on Android Wear, Pebble, and standard watches. The Ottm is one of many reasons why I am reluctant to get the ZenWatch 3 or any other watch that has a proprietary connection.

The Apple Watch version of the Ottm starts at $34.99 and goes up to $49.99. The 22mm version starts at $39.99 and goes up to $59.99.

You can use the code YOURTECH to take 20% off the price of any version of Ottm through October 15th. I think I may get another one for backup.

  • 22mm version (for Android Wear, Pebble, and standard watches):
Get the 22mm (Android) 'Maple' Ottm on Amazon Get the 22mm (Android) 'Zebrawood' Ottm on Amazon Get the 22mm (Android) 'Sandalwood' Ottm on Amazon
  • 42mm version (for Apple Watch):
Get the 42mm (Apple Watch) 'Maple' Ottm on Amazon Get the 42mm (Apple Watch) 'Zebrawood' Ottm on Amazon Get the 42mm (Apple Watch) 'Sandalwood' Ottm on Amazon