[Get It While You Can] Aukey currently has a 5-Pack of USB C cables for just $15

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As we continue to move into a world of USB C products, getting new cables is something we’re constantly doing. Since getting my Nexus 6P last year, I’ve already bought several cables, and spent a pretty penny on that. However, Aukey currently has an incredibly good deal on a 5-pack of cables, just $15.

This pack comes with 5 USB C to USB 3.0 cables in 3 different lengths. You’ll get one 6ft cable, three 3.3ft cables, and a single 1ft cable. Considering the fact that many USB C cables cost $10 on their own, this is an awesome deal which you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of.

No promo code is needed for this deal, just hit the link below and order. The pack is eligible for Amazon Prime, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s a really good deal…

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