Olala iDisk Drive review

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Now you may be one of those people that simply don’t think you need all the extra internal storage when purchasing a phone (#CloudStorageLife) or maybe you just don’t want to spend the extra money to upgrade. Either way, I know we all hate that message that pops up on our iPhones saying “your storage is running out”. Olala is here to make sure that message pops up quite a bit less, while also making life easier when using our beloved Apple device.

Olala creates a product called the iDisk, and while you could describe it as simply a Lightning Disk Drive for your iPhone, it does so much more.

The accessory comes in different styles, but I was able to receive the 100 series version (ID100 to be exact). This version has a slide in the middle of the device that pulls out either the Lightning-port or the full USB-port, unfortunately, both can’t be out concurrently — for that you’ll need to upgrade to the ID101N. It also comes with a cap for the Lightning port side so that it won’t break off when in storage.

Other than that the device is a small storage drive, about the same width as your phone that sticks out the bottom or can plug into a computer. This isn’t one of those devices though that you’d leave connected to your phone, it’s for those times when you need to do some storage management. The software is one of the main additional features that set this apart for just a regular Lightning-based flash drive.

To utilize the software of the iDisk, you’ll need to download the “iDisk Me” app in the App Store. Once you’ve done that and open the app, you’ll be presented with a colorful, circular menu that allows you to easily choose files on your phone for transfer. You have the following categories: Pictures, Videos, Music, or Files to choose from.

The other sections are a camera that allows you to shoot pictures or videos straight to the iDisk and a settings options. The main page also shows you how much space you have, both on your phone and the iDisk while also allowing you to browse them, below the circle menu.


First off let me say the settings are very bleak in choice, although I’m not sure what settings you need for a storage drive. You get the option to set a passcode and also the ability to use Touch ID for unlocking files, but that’s about it. Again, not much more I’d want.

When you select your category, you’re able to look at either your iPhone storage or your external storage. Copying items is as easy as pressing “edit” at the top right, selecting your media or “select all”, and pressing the copy button at the bottom, THEN choosing to where you want to copy the media to. This is a bit of a convoluted process but it works…..mostly. For one, that’s a lot of steps that I feel are unnecessary, maybe just tap to choose media and then copy, and you can only copy to the other storage system so why give me a choice? If it’s on my phone I want it on the drive, and vice versa.

Also if you’re transferring bigger files, such as videos, you may want to keep the app open just to ensure the process complete. You do have a “hide” option so that you can go do other tasks while the software copies, but I’ve had times where my procedure didn’t complete. That could be due to various things but sometimes I like to be safe before I start deleting my personal media.

You can also organize the media that’s on the iDisk through the app into folders if you want to keep things managed a little better. When you plug it into a computer, there’s no special software embedded (at least not for a Mac or a Chromebook) so you just have to do what your computer normally does with USB devices.

Other than the layout not being the most aesthetic and the process being a little extra (at least you’ll know what you are doing when you copy your items), Olala’s iDisk is a very nifty product. Especially with the ease of transferring items to a computer without having to worry about iTunes and the rest of Apple’s software fleet. Olala sells several different styles of the iDisks, but the version I have here, the 64Gb ID100, costs $43 (via Amazon).

If you’re always running out of space or just need a quick way to offload media from your iPhone, then the iDIsk is a surefire way to go!

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