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Tempted to hang on to the Note 7? Here’s why you need to return it…

Tempted to hang on to the Note 7? Here’s why you need to return it…

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best devices the company ever made, until it started exploding. Due to the number of devices which exploded, nearly 100 in the US alone, Samsung finally decided this week to count its losses and just cancel the Note 7.

However, the Note 7 was an incredibly good phone. As we said in our review, it really is one of the best devices Samsung has ever made, if not one of the best smartphones ever made in general, and that’s got a lot of people very tempted to hang onto it rather than send it back. So here’s why you need to return the Note 7.

The Obvious: It Could Explode At Literally Any Time

To state the obvious, this device could explode at any moment. Some people will, of course, reason that “It won’t happen to me” or “The chances are so slim,” but that’s not how you should think about this. In a matter of less than two months, 96 Galaxy Note 7s out of about 1 million exploded in the United States. That’s not a giant number, but it’s unsettling at the least. What you should really consider though is that 96 devices exploded, in two months. That’s a very limited amount of time, so there’s a good chance that over the course of a few months, many more device would explode. Even turning the phone off can’t stop an explosion.

The Future: This Phone Isn’t Going To Get Updates, And Things May Get Worse From There

The immediate danger is an explosion, but even assuming your device doesn’t explode, it’s not going to be usable forever. Samsung won’t push future software updates to this phone; they aren’t going to update any of the built-in apps, and it definitely won’t be getting security patches. Further, the company is probably going to push an update which caps battery life at a measly 60% since that seems to help avoid explosions a bit.

The nuclear option for Samsung, and in my opinion the right one, is to remotely deactivate any Note 7 that is on the market. This would force users to return the device. Samsung previously stated that they had no plans to do this, but they are fully capable of it, and they should too.

The Annoying: Samsung Is Going To Push You Hard To Return It

Then there’s Samsung’s nagging. You’re going to get push notifications, messages, and more on a constant basis telling you to return the phone. They’re going to do everything they can to get you to return the phone.

The Restriction: You Can’t Bring This Phone On An Airplane, At All

Last, there are the restrictions. Starting today, the US government has officially named the Note 7 as a “hazardous material” and placed it on the no-fly list. That means, even if it’s off or in your bag, the Note 7 is not allowed on any aircraft. If you do manage to get it on, you run the risk of being heavily fined for that action. Odds are, this isn’t the first major restriction we’ll see either.

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  1. Saidalavi P.P

    I am really disappointed that galaxy note 7 is no more. I want to know whether Samsung has any plan to launch note 8 with s pen in near future