Google Pixel Review Roundup: Possibly the best Android smartphone on the market, for a price…

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Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are both set to ship next week to early buyers, and at 9am this morning the floodgates opened on reviews. So far, the response has been positive overall.

The biggest things taken from most reviews so far include exceptional performance, great hardware, and more than anything else, the best camera ever released on a smartphone. However, they come at a cost, $650 or more to be exact. Let’s take a look at what people are saying.

CNET: Pure Android at its absolute best

After six years of partnering up with device makers to create its Nexus phones, for the first time Google has stepped out on its own. The Pixel and Pixel XL are the latest additions to its line of in-house products. And while HTC may have put the phones together, it was Google that designed, engineered and branded them.

The gamble paid off.

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WIRED: As it turns out, an iPhone running Android is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Android. But the phones can be … frustrating. Clever features too often seem overwrought or poorly designed, or they’re buried beneath 15 Verizon apps on the homescreen. The iPhone is the Default Phone, the one you buy when you want a phone, not a project.

The Google Pixel changes that. It offers the look and competence of an iPhone, with a truly great camera and loads of innovative software and services. It changes my answer to the question I hear most often: What phone should you get?

You should get a Pixel.

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Android Police: The Pixel is a very hard phone not to like, and that really is a rare thing.

Are they good? Great? The greatest? Has Google whipped up a smartphone that transcends a mere list of specifications and a software version? Well, no phone really, truly does, and setting the bar quite so high is to prime yourself for disappointment.

But the Google Pixel is a great smartphone – I am convinced.

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9to5Google: All things considered, these phones aren’t perfect. But no phones are...

We didn’t expect it to come as soon as it did, but Google’s first solely self-branded smartphone, the Google Pixel, is finally here. In light of how mature the smartphone market has become in the last few years, it’s hard for a new phone to stand out as something that takes anything more than a few baby steps forward. This phone isn’t that much different. But what is different is that it isn’t just any Android phone made by one of Google’s partners. This one is Google’s, and that’s special.

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The Verge: Those are going to be tomorrow’s standards. By today’s standards, the Pixel and Pixel XL are among the best phones you can buy.

Every Android phone has always been a little compromised, and everybody knows it. There’s been a veil between you and what Google intended on all of them.

Google is making a phone for the first time. It’s called the Pixel and it’s a Google phone inside and out, sold directly by the company to a mass audience for the first time. With Pixel, we finally get to see behind the veil and get an unmediated experience of Google’s very best shot at a phone. All the excuses that existed before for Android phones not living up to their potential won’t work here.

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Android Central: A singular vision of what a Google Android phone should be, and I can't think of a better phone to buy going into 2017.

The Pixel phones are a bold product, one that competes with not just Apple, but Google’s own Android partners. The price tag is a far cry from the wallet-friendly Nexus products of yore. And the exclusive software experience is sure to grind the gears of fans and Android manufacturers alike.

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