Devs-Base seeks to give developers and themers what RootzWiki once did 

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A niche of the Android market has long been customizing their phones and tablets through custom ROMs, system themes, kernels , mods, custom launchers and icon packs. One of the most popular sites (probably the most popular site) for such options is XDA. For a time RootzWiki was considered the most viable alternative to XDA, a place where its smaller user base made it easier to moderate threads with a minimum of fuss and mostly free of petty forum politics. After the gradual decline of RootzWiki some in the development community longed for a successor but none of the alternatives really gained much traction.

With this in mind a group of developers from many of the most popular custom ROMs have banded together to found Devs-Base, which just went live as of the time of this writing. Armed with lessons learned from the failures of past projects of this magnitude and the inglorious fate of RootzWiki, the hope is that Devs-Base will succeed where others have not. In addition to custom ROM developers, theme and icon pack designers are given their own subforums, showing the added emphasis Devs-Base places on themers.

Due to the variety and popularity of the ROMs published by the teams and developers who founded Devs-Base (Dirty Unicorns, AOSiP, Ground Zero ROMs, Broken OS and Pure Nexus to name a few) there’s every reason to think it will succeed (full disclosure: I myself am one of the charter members and I maintain threads there for my icon packs). In addition to the forum site, you can download a dedicated app for Devs-Base from the link below.

Below is the forum’s mission statement describing the principles it was founded upon:

Devs-Base is a new home for the Android custom development community built by developers for developers. It is based on the foundational ideas and concepts that started the community: to push the possibilities, creativities, and abilities of developers beyond the limitations imposed by OEMs of devices. From the inception of the Android custom development community, developers helped developers, users learned and eventually contributed to the community as new developers – ushering in the “golden age” of the community. Devs-Base is looking to revive the “golden age” through simple, yet imperative concepts: a learning environment for developers and users, respect for each others contribution, and most importantly, pushing past any limitations or boundaries by bringing each developer’s vision of what android should be, one contribution at a time.

We don’t want to promote the site as anti-other sites. We instead want to promote it as an option for developers, themers and contributors. A place where developers, themers and contributors can go and post their work, have users give feedback and overall just be a place of zen.

Speaking of zen, we don’t want to bring over any grudges or issues that we might have had on other sites. If someone had a troubled past on other sites, this is a place to prove that you can be part of the Android community. If they fail and continue bad habits, then at least we tried. If they rise up and prove to us that they can be a good contributor again then that’s what we want to encourage out the gate.

Devs Base is being created from the ground up for the community with the interest of developers, themers and contributors. The rules will favor the developers, themers and contributors and it will be a place that developers, themers and contributors feel comfortable being in.

Devs Base is a learning and contributing forum. We will always cater to this demographic. This does not mean that developers, themers and contributors will be allowed to beat down users at every turn but that if there’s a conflict, we will always keep interests of the developers, themers and contributors in mind.

We welcome everybody. If you are a developer or themer and want your own forum, we will be rolling out a way to do this in the very near future.

We hope you enjoy your stay.