Bootloader Unlock is available now for Verizon Pixel devices, but it won’t last long

2 min read

Legendary bootloader busters beaups and jcase, famous for the Sunshine application for Motorola and HTC phones, have officially released the dePixel8 exploit you can deploy to unlock the bootloaders on your Verizon Pixel phones. Verizon, long known for locking their phones down tight, are the exclusive carrier allowed to sell the Pixel and Pixel XL in the United States (though you can get one from the Google Store and use it on any carrier). Given Verizon’s lockdown policy and Google’s increasing emphasis on security, it’s likely Google and Verizon will be releasing a patch in November’s monthly security update, which rolls out near the beginning of each month.

That means you probably have just over a week to unlock your bootloader provided you already have a Verizon variant of Google’s latest and greatest. If you don’t have it yet but intend to get one and unlock the bootloader, it’s probably best to pull the trigger now (for example, the 32GB black one is on backorder, estimated shipping date November 2nd).

So first off, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here, why should you care about this? Long story short, bootloader unlock allows you to flash factory images released by Google with ease, mess with custom ROMs, and really take full advantage of your device, if that what you really want to do. It’s not something we’d recommend you do unless you know why you want to.

You’ll have to install ADB and fastboot on your PC and know how to use them in order to take advantage of dePixel8. The exploit is unsupported so you’re on your own if anything goes wrong when deploying the exploit. No technical assistance will be provided and you deploy dePixel8 at your own risk. If you’re not familiar with how ADB and fastboot work or don’t know how to install them on your PC you’re probably better off staying on stock and leaving the bootloader locked. This is also the case if you’re more than casually concerned about keeping your phone and personal data secure. One more thing: please don’t try this exploit on any other phone – it’s for the Pixel phones only.