A Quick Look At ‘Ivy’ – A mini-launcher with widgets and an RSS reader built in

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In this era of full-fledged custom launchers, something different has emerged, a sort of mini-launcher that displays app and contacts “ribbons”, widgets and an RSS ticker when activated by a swipe from the edge of your screen. This unique UI (user interface) enhancement, which goes by the name Ivy, doesn’t require root access yet it can change your experience in a way reminiscent of custom ROMs.
One of app’s developers, Steve Spear, is a former member of the team that developed the popular custom ROM AOKP. One of AOKP’s most popular innovations was a “ribbon” you could swipe out from the edge of your screen with shortcuts to apps of your choice. Though the popular ROM is not currently in active development the “ribbons” live on in Ivy. To acquaint you with Ivy’s myriad of features, I have included the following screenshot tour. The screenshots are divided into the following categories:

  • Settings screenshots to familiarize you with its main features
  • Ribbons screenshots to show you how to customize the Apps Ribbon and the People Ribbon
  • RSS screenshots to help you customize the RSS ticker
  • Widgets screenshots to explain how to customize the widgets you want to include in Ivy
  • Ivy Panel screenshots to show how the main panel looks when you swipe it out from the edge

Ivy Settings

Ivy Ribbons: Apps and People

Ivy’s RSS Ticker

Ivy Widgets

Ivy Panels

Ivy is available for free from the Play Store.

Ivy on Google Play