Gaming Month 2016 – Macaulay’s Top Tens

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Welcome back for the third installment of Macaulay’s Top Tens. 2016 has had quite an impressive lineup, even if some of my most anticipated titles were pushed to next year Since this covers games from last December until now, I’ll be missing out on Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian for inclusion. Oh well, there’s always next year.

I feel like I say it every year, but this year has to have some of the most unexpected entries (at least to me). There are four categories this year, with some returning from 2014. These will be as follows;

November 9th – Top Ten Soundtracks of 2016

top-ten-croppedThe return of Top Ten Soundtracks from 2014 feels appropriate since this year was on par with its musical offerings. Genres and composers from all over made some amazing music this year, and this list will go through my favorite soundtracks, with one entry per composer. The soundtrack doesn’t necessarily have to be for a game that came out this year. What’s important is that I either discovered or rediscovered it in 2016.

November 16th – Top Ten Characters of 2016

character-croppedAnother Top Ten list sees a return this year that highlights my favorite characters. The best thing about this category is that just because a game isn’t very good or memorable doesn’t mean that it can’t have good characters. Protagonist or antagonist? Playable or NPC? Doesn’t matter. If they have a good design, good mechanics, or a combination of the two, they have a shot here. 

November 23rd – Top Ten Gaming Moments of 2016

moments-croppedAs a recurring segment of Gaming Month, this category takes a look at some of the best moments in video games, both in-game and in the industry. From character interactions to culture phenomenon, these moments bring out the best (and worst) of the medium. Like good characters, even bad games can have some great moments. Will those games have any here? You’ll have to wait and see!

November 30th – Top Ten Games of 2016

games-croppedFinally, the big bang that is my Top Ten Games of 2016. Of course this doesn’t apply to every game released in 2016, only the ones I have played. I also don’t have to have properly reviewed it for the website since quite a few are games I picked up much later from release. As a personal preference, I also won’t include any re-releases or HD remakes/remasters. Honestly, including those feel like a cop-out.

As with every year, these list are my opinions and preferences. The goal of these is not to be a definitive list, but to help highlight games that may have not had the chance to shine. This will be a busy month, so stay tuned for the first Top Ten next Wednesday.