Olala iDisk (101N) Review: the one we’re looking for

2 min read

Recently I did a review on the iDisk Drive for the iPhone from Olala, and I deemed it a useful tool for Apple products ─ especially those that have smaller internal storage allotments. Not only does it allow for easier transfers to a computer from your iPhone or iPad, but you can also have better organization of files that don’t need to be stored on the device, and you can actually use the iDisk as a flash drive to hold files between devices.

As I stated in the other review: “Other than the layout not being the most aesthetic and the process being a little extra (at least you’ll know what you are doing when you copy your items), Olala’s iDisk is a very nifty product.” That was for the model version ID100; now I have what I consider to be the updated model, ID101N. The only differences between the two version are that the 101N can be used simultaneously with the iDevice and the computer, and the 101N comes in two different colors.


So no longer the switch in the middle to choose whether you want the lightning port or the USB port to be accessible, as both are exposed. Also if you have either a Gold or Rose Gold colored device, then you can accessorize by choosing a similar color for the iDisk.

The app that you use to interact with the iDisk from your phone/tablet is still the same and hasn’t been aesthetically updated since my last review, although that have fixed some performance issues and smashed bugs. I still think the UI is dated, but at least it’s easy to navigate.


The iDisk (ID101N) still has sizes of up to 128GB in capacity and starts at $53 (currently) through Amazon. You can also view the other styles and models on Olala’s website to see what else they offer.

To get more of an in-depth review of the iDisk Drive, check out my full review HERE. This updated (or rather, alternate) model just adds a little more convenience while you try to brave having a low storage device.

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