Grab a black or white new 3DS for under $100 on Black Friday!

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With Nintendo prepping for their next console, it may be easy to resist picking up a 3DS now. While the 2DS is a cheap alternative for this holiday’s must-plays games, the New 3DS remains relatively expensive. Until Black Friday, that is!

This year on November 25th, Nintendo will be offering a special New 3DS console in black or white for $99.99. That’s nearly half the price of a New 3DS XL and only $20 more than the 2DS! These also come with either black or white Mushroom Kingdom faceplates.

The New 3DS is slightly larger than the original 3DS but smaller than the XL. With enhanced controls like the C-Stick and ZL and ZR buttons, an NFC communicator on the touch screen for amiibo support, and swappable faceplates, this console makes up for the lack of a larger XL screen. For $99.99, that’s a massive steal.


There isn’t a list of retailers yet, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll find it where other 3DS consoles are sold. Supplies will also be limited, so get ready if you want yours!