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Thonet & Vander Laut BT Home Speakers review [Video]

Thonet & Vander Laut BT Home Speakers review [Video]

Music is a big part of my everyday workflow. Almost all day I’m streaming Spotify from my phone, TV, and most of all my computer. Previously I was using a set of decent, cheap speakers. They work, but they were pretty quiet and didn’t have the level of quality I wanted. Step in the Laut BT from Thonet & Vander.

This 2.1 home speaker system can be used anywhere to play crystal clear music with great quality and outstanding volume. It really can’t be stressed enough, these speakers are excellent. At a peak volume of 340W, you can hear them throughout an entire home easily, and the subwoofer puts out some impressive bass as well.

The Laut BT also includes Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming your favorite tunes from a smartphone or tablet.

Quality is great, but it usually comes at a price. While the Laut BT aren’t the cheapest speakers on the market, they are an amazing value at just $129. Currently, these are an exclusive to Sam’s Club ─ you can check them out below.

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