Deal Alert: grab a Quick Charge 3.0 Battery Bank for only $30

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Olala, an Apple-device accessory manufacturer, who we’ve done a couple of reviews for (that you can read here and here) has decided to issue a couple of coupon codes that you can use to grab some products for your iDevice. The devices up for discount include a 10,500mah external battery charger that is also QC3.0 equipped and a Apple certified lightning cable that you can use with that new battery charger.


The charger is small enough to fit in a pocket or easily in a bag, but dense enough to be able to charge your phone at least 4 or 5 times before getting empty. It has two USB output ports so that you can charge two devices at once, but only one port is QC3.0, the other is a 2.4A port (so still faster than most normal chargers). Normally this battery pack retails for $50 but with the code from below you can get it for $29.99!


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The lightning cable that is also on sale from Olala is a standard 3.3ft lightning cable but it is Apple certified, so you won’t get any annoying messages about the “accessory not being able to function with your device”. The cable is normally $16 but with the code below you can grab it for $7.99!

Code: MHAV37BV

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The codes will last until the end of the week, but don’t hesitate to pick up these accessories while they are on sale and make sure that you always have power for your devices.