The STICKIT allows you to take your phone and well… stick it!

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I’ve been looking for a good in-car phone mounting system for a while. In my car, I was using one of those universal mounts with the suction cup base. The base even had some stickiness to it. I would describe it as the same material as those sticky hands you get as prizes from Chuck-E-Cheese. It stayed stuck to my dashboard for a while, but then it would unstick and my phone would take a dive.  I ended up just keeping the phone in my center console or I’d stick it in the map pocket.  I also had the problem of what to do when switching to my wife’s car. My wife’s car is the primary family car and road-trip car. We would place my phone and her phone into the cup holders, but then we’d need a place to put cups. It just wasn’t working and I knew I had to find something else.

I thought about a CD player car mount or an air vent car mount, but the CD player mount blocks the CD player and the air vent mount blocks an air vent. What to do?

Enter STICKIT Hub, a 3-month old product from our friends in The Great White North. STICKIT is a magnetic car mount system.  I hear you saying, “There are a ton of magnetic mounting systems out there! What makes this one different?” Well, that’s why YourTechExplained is here, so I can explain what makes STICKIT so special.

What Makes STICKIT So Special?

Let’s say you have your phone in your car, but then want to move it to your locker at school, or take a selfie by sticking your phone to a street sign, or stick the phone to the hood of your car while you watch a YouTube video on how to repair your car? This is where STICKIT differs from other magnetic car mounts.  Most other magnetic car mount systems have a magnetic base and a metal disk that attaches to your phone. The base stays in your car and you just slap the phone up against the magnetic base and it sticks to the metal disk on your phone. With STICKIT it does more than that because the base has a separate piece that can be removed.


With STICKIT you have a metallic, non-magnetic “hub.” The hub looks like a small knob. The knob secures to a flat surface, such as your dashboard and it stays there. Trust me, it stays there! I’ll explain that later.

The next piece in the STICKIT system is a magnetic “top” which will stick to the metallic hub. The “top” is a very strong magnet and it also isn’t going anywhere.


The final piece to the STICKIT is a metallic disk that you stick to the back of your phone or case. You can also place the disk inside the phone case so that you don’t see it on the outside, but you’re going to have a stronger magnetic grip if the disk is on the outside of the case.

Since the “top” is the magnetic part of the whole system, you can remove it from the hub. Your phone will still stick to the “top” by way of the metal disk you stuck to your phone. You can now use the magnetic top and place the phone to any metal surface, such as a signpost for a selfie (who needs an annoying selfie stick?), stick it to your gym locker, stick it to your car or to your tool box while you watch a video on how to do repairs. My daughter decided that you can stick it to the refrigerator door so that you can edit your shopping list while looking in the fridge to see what it is that needs restocking.


Now as I mentioned, the STICKIT Hub stays where you place it. Here’s how the folks at STICKIT makes sure the STICKIT stays stuck.


How Does STICKIT Stick?

3M Adhesives. Yes. That’s the secret. 3M has an adhesive called “VHB” (Very High Bond). In a nutshell, VHB was designed to take the place of nails, screws, and other fasteners. It’s not permanent, however, but it may as well be, because there’s no way you’re going to remove it without risking damage to something. This VHB is what is used to stick the “hub” to the mounting surface. You want to mount the hub to a smooth area of your dashboard. Don’t mount it to a textured area. Identify where you want to mount the hub and remember once you choose a location, that’s where it will stay until time ceases to exist. In the interest of science and being a good product reviewer, I did try removing the hub and I did manage to get it off my dashboard with a lot of effort. It wasn’t easy and I was afraid I was going to rip a hole in my dash. STICKIT provides a second VHB adhesive disk, so I was able to reattach the hub.

STICKIT includes two metallic disks to attach to your phone. One disk can be used for your phone and the second can be used for your secondary phone or if you want to mount a GPS unit and switch between your phone and the GPS. The adhesive used for the metallic disk is not VHB, but is still a 3M adhesive and is still quite strong, or maybe not. I say that because I was on a road trip and the disk came unstuck from my phone case and the phone took a flying leap off of the STICKIT Hub. Maybe it was the material of my phone case. So, I went to the store and purchased some VHB adhesive and stuck the metallic disk back on my phone case. I should point out that the VHB is thicker than the adhesive supplied with the metallic disk, so it sticks out a little, but it’s not going anywhere this time.

If you have a phone that uses wireless charging (I don’t), the metallic disk will likely block that functionality. During my testing, I also discovered the disk can cause issues with NFC and contactless payment systems such as Android Pay. I was still able to use Android Pay, but I really had to move my phone around until it was recognized. On other phones, it may block it completely.

So, how did I solve the issue of moving my phone between my car and my wife’s car? Well, the folks at STICKIT sent me a hub for the purpose of this review, so I ordered another hub and put one in my car and one in my wife’s and thanks to 3M VHB adhesives, they aren’t going anywhere.

STICKIT Hub can be ordered directly from STICKIT. The STICKIT company is located in Vancouver, BC (I’ve been there. A very beautiful area!) and took about a week for my package to arrive.

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