How to bring Motorola’s Wave-To-Wake ambient display to the Google Pixel

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If you’ve gotten your Pixel and are used to Motorola devices’ Active Display, then you might be missing the ability to wave your hand over the devices and having the ambient display turn on. Or maybe you missing being able to lift your device and have the “ambi-display” pop up. Well, you can get that back using the app: Ambi-Turner.

Ambi-Turner allows you to activate a number of features, such as wave-to-wake, tilt-to-wake, or pulse, to turn on your ambient display. One great thing about this app is that you don’t need root for anything. The app not only works on the Pixel either, any phone that has an ambient display but don’t have built-in triggers could also take advantage of the app — such as the Nexus 6P.

The is inherently free, but to get the most functionality out of it then you’ll need to buy the $1 in-app purchase. For free you’ll be able to activate your display in 3 ways: (1) if your phone is in your pocket for 10 seconds, (2) if your phone is lying face down for more than 10 seconds, (3) if you phone is lying face up you can use tilt-to-wake.

With the paid option, you can customize the ability to do things including start on boot, show battery percentage and level, wake on a set interval, or wave to wake. For just under a dollar, it’s definitely worth it.

How It Works

To get everything working, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Ambient Display in device settings
  2. Install Ambi-Turner
  3. Enable Notification Access
  4. Adjust free options
  5. Buy Pro version/Adjust paid options
  6. Profit!

This seemed to be like a missed opportunity from Google not to include the options to interact with the ambient display, but I’m glad that these developer added it back. Plus my battery hasn’t been noticeably heavily affected.

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