A few useful tools for improving your cable management

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Even with a million and one wireless products in our homes, there are still 10 million and one cables lying around. Whether it’s a power cord, USB cable, or anything else, keeping these under control is one of the best ways to keep things looking neat, but without help, that’s a big task.

Luckily, there are dozens of great methods of keeping things under control. One that many use is tape, but that ends up messy if you have to remove it. Another cheap and effective method is zip ties. These work great for getting cables together, but if you need to remove or add a cable, you have to cut and then replace that tie. With that said, let’s go over some products use can use for keeping your cables clean.

Cable Clips

One of the first tools we’ll discuss is cable clips. There are a few different variations of these on the market, but all work more or less the same. The general idea here is to take a few cables and group them together into the clip, lock it, then mount the clip with the adhesive on the back.

This helps your cable management by allowing you to route cables from point A to point B without leaving a bunch of slack. Best of all, they make it super easy to remove a cable from it’s place and then put it back when needed.


For the most part, cable clips are also pretty inexpensive. The set I picked up on Amazon comes with 25 clips and costs just under $5 with free shipping ($6 if you want an option with Prime).

Get it on Amazon

Cable Box

Now let’s move on to the floor. Odds are a lot of your cables, especially the power cord, are going to end up on the ground where your power strip is. Obviously it’s better to get that off the ground, but it’s not always feasible. That’s where a cable box comes in.


These boxes, generally made out of plastic, can fit a standard power strip and all of your cables within to clean things up. For the most part, these feature a large slot on each side to route cables in and out. There’s also a lid to open it up when needed. Cables boxes are meant to be used on the floor, but with a bit of help from our next item, you can actually mount it to the bottom of your desk. This is especially useful if you have a standing desk like I do.

Cables boxes are an incredibly easy way to instantly improve your cable management, but they don’t come particularly cheap. Smaller options usually run between $10 and $15, however, you’ll probably want to opt for a larger option. These generally cost between $15 and $30. Since I use a standing desk and need to keep my cables hidden, I actually use one of each size. I’ve linked 3 options I can recommend below.

Bluelounge Cable Management Box (Large) UT Wire Cable Management Box (Large) Cosmos Mini Cable Management Box (Small)

3M Mounting Tape

As I mentioned, a great way to keep things off the ground is to mount it to the underside of your desk. There are plenty of ways to do this, but my recommendation is to do it with 3M mounting tape.


This tape, available both online and in stores, can support up to 5lbs when used properly. That means you can easily use it to hold up a power strip, cable power, or those pesky power bricks that come with a lot of electronics. There’s not a ton to say about a product like this, just peel, stick, and mount. As long as you apply sufficient pressure the thing you’re mounting won’t come off, so enjoy!

As I said you can pick this tape up at your local store (Walmart, Target, etc), but there’s also a link below to get it from Amazon.

3M Mounting Tape on Amazon

Velcro Ties

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, zip ties are a fantastic way to keep cables tidy. The only flaw is that it’s one and done. Use a tie, you can’t reuse. That’s where velcro ties set in. These work exactly the same as zip ties, but they can be adjusted when needed, removed, and reused.


Velcro ties are considerably more expensive than zip ties, but they are 110% worth it. As with everything else, there’s a link right below.

Velcro Ties on Amazon

Cable Sleeves, Raceways, And Channels

Everything I’ve mentioned so far has been great for keeping things organized, but how about keeping it hidden? Introduce a cable sleeve, raceway, or channel and you’re covered, or, your cables are at least.

These three products are an easy shortcut for managing cables too. With a sleeve, simply bunch all of your cables together and wrap the sleeve around. Everything is instantly hidden and just looks like one big cable instead of several.


A cable raceway also collects your cables, but with a slightly different purpose. The raceway mounts to the underside of your desk with an opening on the rear and on each side. The idea is to feed your cables into the rear, through the raceway, and out the appropriate side to their destination. Cable channels are similar, but these generally run against the wall. Most of the time these will only be used with TVs or computer monitors. Cable sleeves and raceways are best bought online, but if you’re looking for a channel, it’s best to make a run to your nearby hardware store.

Pre-Cut Cable Sleeve Custom Length Cable Management Sleeve Cable Raceway

IKEA Cable Management Tools

The last thing to talk about comes from IKEA. Both in store and online the company sells a small cable management kit, the FIXA. For just $5 this comes with zip ties and zip tie mounts, small velcro ties, single adhesive cable clips, and small & large nail cable clips. In all it’s a 114-piece kit and I can’t recommend it enough. This box alone can handle the majority of you cable managment, and at just $5 you absolutely cannot beat the price.