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Start or expand your Smart Home with Samsung SmartThings, just $50 right now

Start or expand your Smart Home with Samsung SmartThings, just $50 right now

Samsung SmartThings has long been a leader in Smart Home technology, but it’s always been somewhat of a high entry point. SmartThings is a hub for your home that ties into many different platforms, ranging from Ecobee thermostats to smart outdoor plugs. Being that the SmartThings hub has a Zigbee, Z-wave, and Bluetooth radios, it can communicate with many things, even custom devices.

I recently picked up a Google Home to replace my Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, but one thing I was going to miss was integration with TP-Link plugs which I use to control many lights around my room.

One of Ben Schoon’s biggest gripes with Google Home was a lack of TP-Link Kasa integration. Through the custom integration features of SmartThings, people have built out integration with Kasa; meaning that I should be able to integrate my new Home with my existing TP-Link Kasa enabled smart plugs.

Regardless, if you want a good singular hub to control all of the smart devices in your home, the SmartThings at $50 is a must-have. I picked up the $100 bundle that had the SmartThings Hub and Leviton Universal Dimmer, so I could easily control my bedroom light as well, with it still matching the rest of my house switches. Generally, the SmartThings hub on its own is $100, so this is a steal if you’re looking to get started on your smart home.

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