How to disable ‘Press Home to Unlock’ on iOS 10

press home to unlock

First things first: this only works if you have a device with Touch ID. If you don’t, you’re stuck with ‘Press Home to Unlock’. For those with a Touch ID enabled device, you may have been used to the simple action of resting your thumb (or any other finger) on the home button to unlock your device. Now, Apple has changed that action, requiring users to rest a finger on the home button and press the home button. If these two actions aren’t completed, the user is stuck on the device’s lock screen. Thankfully, there is a workaround.

The ability to disable this is actually hidden in the Accessibility settings. So no one gets lost along the way, here’s a visual guide on disabling ‘Press Home to Unlock’.

Open Settings and go to the General menu

press home to unlock 1

Tap on Accessibility


Find and select ‘Home Button’


Switch ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to on


That’s it! From now on, simply resting your finger on the home button will unlock your Touch ID-enabled device. Keep checking back here on YourTechExplained for more tips and how-tos, including how to remove mismatched faces in the Photos app and how to clear all notifications on iOS 10.

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