Is the Nexus 6P still worth it? [Video]

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The announcement of the new Pixel lineup triggered some mixed reactions in the world of Android enthusiasts.

While a change in Google’s policies was expected, a large fan base still hoped for something closer to the spirit of the Nexus family: high-end affordable devices, with power users in mind. However, Google did go a safer route, opting for a flagship that can easily match Samsung’s and Apple’s. Unfortunately, the base price of $649 reflects that of a flagship.

The Pixel and Pixel XL have been by now acclaimed as top contenders in the race for the best smartphones. But, they’re not a valid option for those looking for a more budget-friendly solution: the Nexus 6P is.

Floating between $400 and $500 unlocked (even less if you’re buying used), the year-old 6P is still one of the safest bets for Android enthusiasts. The Snapdragon 810 under the hood isn’t the latest (the Pixel runs the 821), but it powers through everything thrown at it. Everyday tasks are handled with zero fuss, and switching between apps is blazing fast — thanks to 3GB of RAM.

The rest of the hardware does not disappoint, either. The bright, and vivid 5.7″ AMOLED display is a best-in-class panel that’s got plenty of space for common apps and media consumption. The dual front-facing stereo speakers are louder and crisper than the tiny drivers on flagships like the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel. The 12MP camera is an excellent shooter in daylight, and holds up well in low light thanks to the HDR+ mode. And being a Nexus, it runs the latest Android version.

When it comes to price, the 6P falls right between mid-range options and the latest flagships. But, it’s way closer to flagships when it comes to quality. So, is it still worth it? We definitely think so.

For more details on the state of the Nexus 6P in 2016, check out the video below.

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