Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 4 with five minutes of charging for five hours of battery

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Today, Qualcomm announced the next generation of their quick charge technology: Quick Charge 4. This will be available starting with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, so Quick Charge 4 isn’t available in any released phones. But what makes this updated technology better than its predecessor, Quick Charge 3? There’s two main differences: it’s faster and more efficient.

How much better?

First off, let’s look at how much faster this is when compared to previous generations. In Qualcomm’s tests, based off a 2750mAh battery, they were able to get 50% battery in 15 minutes. This seems impressive, but when compared to Quick Charge 3 — which could deliver 80% battery life in 35 minutes — it really shines. As far as Quick Charge 4 being more efficient, Qualcomm says that it will charge up to 5°C cooler. This means that there will be less energy loss in the charging process because the whole process runs cooler, allowing for faster charging.

Other features

There are definitely some other changes in Quick Charge 4, like battery saver, INOV, and dual charge. You can read more about them on Qualcomm’s website. But, the most notable change is that Quick Charge 4 now supports USB Type-C. This means that you can expect to see USB-C phones with Quick Charge 4 in the near future.

All of this is great, but what remains to be seen is if companies will adopt this new generation. USB-C already offers faster charging when compared to a micro USB connection, so the need for Quick Charge is reduced. Additionally, with OEMs always trying to reduce production costs — unless there is a real demand — the chance of this becoming widespread is not that big. Regardless, it is exciting to see new and faster charging technologies being released.

As for availability, you can expect to see Quick Charge 4 commercially available in the first half of 2017.

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