How to clear all notifications on iOS 10

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With iOS 10, Apple no longer groups notifications by app, which is frustrating to plenty of users. It also doesn’t collate multiple notifications to display as a single notification. If you want to dismiss your notifications, swiping each notification to the left and pressing clear can be extremely tedious. Even the faster method of clearing the notifications by day can be a bother. Thankfully, if you own an Apple device with 3D Touch, Apple has included a “Clear All” function.

X Marks the Spot

notifications iOS 10

Simply locate the X at the top of your Notification Center.

3D Touch the X and tap ‘Clear All Notifications’



3D Touch that X, and you’ll receive a “Clear All Notifications” option. Once you tap “Clear All Notifications,” they simply disappear. No more swiping and clearing them away. Voila!

Sadly, there does not appear to be a way to replicate this on devices without 3D Touch. Here’s to hoping Apple will soon include a way for more of its users to clear their notification center quickly and easily.