Explained: What should you look for in a charging cable?

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Charging cables have become a key part of our daily lives. We use them every day; sometimes multiple times a day. When they fail to light up your phone (the good kind, not that kind), we start to panic. What went wrong? Did the 5th replacement Lightning cable randomly split apart at the connector? Or did the USB-C cable somehow fray? In this article, we’re going to look at what makes these cables fail, and some products that can make your life easier.

First, let’s look at why these cables fail. The most common problem with cables — especially Apple Lightning cables —  is that they fray right around the connector. Usually, the rubber tears apart and wires become exposed. Other times, the cable will simply shred apart somewhere along the length of the cable. This is all caused by stress to the cable: constant plugging and unplugging, bending caused by objects pushing against the joints, and furniture sitting on top of these cables. The list goes on. But, the point is that normal, everyday use causes these cables to fail. That’s why companies have stepped in to help with their own unique products.


Snakable Armored Lightning Cable

The Snakable Lightning Cable is a cable like no other. On either end, you’ll find a ball-bearing like joint that surrounds the cable. This is the whole reason for Snakable — solve the weak point in Lightning Cables. The joint in the Snakable cable allows it to bend 90° without damaging the joint. This means that if you bump the couch into the cable, it isn’t going to break it. From my use of the Snakable cable, there’s not much you can do to make this cable break — at least at the joints. The rest of the cable is pretty typical. For those faced with constantly breaking Lightning cables, this may be a worthwhile investment.

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Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

I’ve always been a fan of Anker’s products, and their PowerLine+ lineup is no exception to that. These kevlar reinforced cables have been put to some pretty extreme tests and have withstood every one of them. Now, while the cable itself is practically impossible to fall apart under any usage, the joints are the weakest part of this cable. But, by no means will these cables face the same problems as your Apple cables will. Plus, if you ever have a problem with them, you have Anker’s 18-month warranty to fall back on. It is worth noting that these cables have a clear advantage over the Snakable cables: price. This PowerLine+ cable runs $15 cheaper than the Snakable cables. But, both are still worthwhile purchases.

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Choetech Premium TPE Jacket USB-C to USB-A Cable

If you’re looking for some more style in your cables, the Choetech USB-C to USB-A cable may be just what you’re interested in. Unlike other cables, these feature a minimalistic connector on either end and a stylish cable, available in black, white, blue and orange colors. These cables are perfect for some data transfer between your devices, or just as a normal charging cable. Although, beware that these cables don’t support the fast charging of USB-C to USB-C cables. However, these cables meet the USB-C spec, so no worries about frying your device. This cable is definitely my favorite USB-C cable, and getting the two pack for $7 is a great deal, as well.

If you’re looking to pick these up, we have discount codes to share on the black & white pack, as well as the blue & orange pack:

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Choetech USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Say you already have a Micro USB cable that you love, but you have a USB-C phone. You wouldn’t want to get rid of the cable, so the perfect low-cost solution is a USB-C to Micro USB adapter. Choetech offers a $7 two-pack of these adapters, and these are perfect for putting on the end of a Micro USB cable so that you can easily charge your USB-C phone without getting a new cable. I’m definitely a fan of these cables, and they’re perfect to just throw in your bag and use in desperate situations.

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As you can see, there are plenty of options out there. Choosing the right one can be hard, but be assured that there are plenty of options that will all do a great job. Let us know what you think of this, and if you want to see similar articles like this in the future!