Google offering four free months of Play Music Unlimited for new subscribers

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As perhaps the crown jewel of many “Cyber Week” deals at Google’s Play Store, Google is offering four free months of Play Music Unlimited to new subscribers. Afterwards (basically starting late March 2017) it’ll cost $9.99 per month, including unlimited music streaming and ad-free YouTube Red (which is also included in the first four free months). In case you already have a healthy mp3 collection you can upload up to 50,000 songs to your Play Music library which you’d still have access to even if you eventually cancel your subscription (so it basically amounts to free cloud storage for your music collection).

In case you’re unfamiliar with Google’s unlimited music subscription, it offers streaming and offline playback from its library of 35 million songs. Also included are curated Internet radio stations, new music discovery and recommendations (Google bases recommendations on algorithms that track your music listening habits). If you’re okay with an artificial intelligence tracking your listening habits (Person Of Interest/Skynet references go here), your start screen in the Play Music mobile app will show recommendation-based playlists based not only on your listening habits but also on the time of day.

With unlimited ad-free playback of YouTube videos (along with the ability to download them for watching offline), Google offers an enticing reason to switch from rival services such as Spotify. However, the four free months are only available to new subscribers. If you’ve subscribed before and you’re just now returning you’ll have to pay the $9.99 subscription fee right away.

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