The Honor 8 is on sale for $264 right now

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The Honor 8 is an excellent high-end/mid-range option. With its dual cameras, 5.2″ screen, and long-lasting battery, there’s a lot to love about this phone. It’s also an unlocked phone, so it will work on carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Huawei is great at making premium phones for an affordable cost. Their P8 Lite, Honor 5X, and now Honor 8 are all great examples of this. EMUI is the biggest downside of the Honor 8, but if you throw an alternate launcher on it, it will be satisfactory for most. Performance is solid on the Honor 8 as well thanks to the Kirin 950 processor and 4GB of RAM.

The Honor 8, Huawei’s prominent US release this year is on sale for $264.99 right now (and for the next few days, according to Newegg) at and Newegg. The Honor 8 is one of the best US released Huawei phones, and even at its normal price of $400, it’s not a bad deal. But, at it’s sale price of $264, it’s even harder to pass up.

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