Protect your Pebble 2 with GadgetWraps

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Whenever I get a new mobile device, I think about how to best protect that device. By “mobile device,” I’m usually just concerned with my phone. I’ll go out and get a case, but I usually don’t get a screen protector. I started using my first wearable device, an ASUS ZenWatch 2, this past March and I didn’t really give any thought to protecting it from bumps and scrapes. I work retail and my wrist does come in contact with various objects during the day; my ZenWatch 2 takes it well.

Recently, I picked up a Pebble 2 SE (P2SE). Although the P2SE and its big brother, the Pebble 2+HR, both have a polycarbonate body and Gorilla Glass 3 for the screen, I still felt it could use some extra protection. I did a quick Google search for skins and protection for the Pebble 2 and only found one manufacturer that offer products for the Pebble 2 watches. I contacted GadgetWraps and they sent over some skins and screen protectors.


The screen protector sent to me is the anti-glare (matte) version. There’s also a “crystal clear” version. Both of these use a dry install method and adhere to your watch using an adhesive. A wet install method is also available, should you prefer that.

Two screen protectors are provided. I suppose a second was included in case you really mess up the install, which I don’t think is possible. It was very easy to install. It simply consists of peeling the backing off the screen protector and dropping it in place. GadgetWraps does have a how-to video, which you can check out below.

As you can see above, there’s some glare from the lighting on my desk reflecting off of the face of the Pebble 2 SE.  In the photos below, you can see that there’s no more glare.

The protector doesn’t add much thickness to the glass and you can’t tell the protector is there.

The skin was just as simple to install. There are many different styles to choose from. I received the “Brushed Black,” which has a metallic look to it.  I also received two of the skins in my package.  All I had to do is follow the directions in the YouTube video and I was done! The installs took, on average, just under five minutes.

Having the skin and screen protector gives some extra piece of mind.  At $12 for the screen protector and $5 for the skin, it’s cheaper to replace those than it is to replace the watch.

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