Amazon offering Moto Z for $499 today alongside up to 35% off other phones

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The Moto Z is a really good phone! It has a metal build and a fingerprint sensor. The camera is pretty great, as well. The Moto Z feels really sturdy and great in the hands. It’s almost the perfect size coming in at 5.5″. The Moto Z has a ShatterShield display that looks good in everyday use.

However, it’s usually pretty expensive. Grabbing an unlocked Moto Z typically costs $699, but today Amazon is offering the phone for just $499 as part of its Cyber Monday deals.

The fun part of the Moto Z is the option of adding Moto Mods to the back, enhancing your experience. I’ve personally had a lot of fun with the Projector Moto Mod. That’s basically a projector on the back of the phone that lets you orient the device anywhere for a nice cinematic experience. Other mods include speakers and extra cameras. Those mods make the Moto Z family a fantastic set of smartphones to own, but they’re also pretty expensive. Today, there are several deals on Amazon bundling mods and the Moto Z together and with some big discounts with it.

There are other awesome phones in the Moto line as well. Phones like the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Play are insanely good budget phones if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a phone. You can check out those deals here.

Moto Z Review