The FinSix Dart Universal Laptop charger is available for $89, today only

1 min read

Back in December of 2014, we told you about DART from FinSix. What is it? Long story short, it’s a universal laptop charger that works with just about any laptop. This isn’t the only option to do that, but it’s by far the most elegant, and better yet, it’s also super compact, which is great for traveling.

Well, DART is finally available! We have one inbound for review, but we also didn’t want you to miss their CyberMonday sale. DART is available today for $10 off the $99.99 price tag, making it a steal at $89.99!

DART is a universal laptop charger, but it also sports a USB charging port. When we travel, I bring two Chromebooks and my kids have a Nexus 10. With DART, we’ll be able to charge all my devices with one charging cable. At least that’s the goal. Stay tuned for a full review when we get our unit in, but in the meantime, if you’re looking to get one on sale, it’s available right now for a discounted price.

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