A dozen great Google Pixel cases and accessories

3 min read

Every phone needs a few accessories to go with it, and the more, the better. Whether it be protective like a case or a bumper, or it’s a charging accessory, all you have to do is look at this list to see what we recommend for your Pixel/Pixel XL.


Spigen Rugged Armor Case – $12

This case looks great. It’s simple and fits perfectly on the Pixel. It has a couple of different textures on the bottom and top but remains a solid matte finish most the way around. It looks even cooler when you have the Pixel light bar decal on the case, giving a distinguished look.


Spigen Hybrid Clear Case – $13

Clear cases are great, especially if you have a skin on your device. The Spigen clear case is simple and protective. There isn’t much else about it except for the fact that the buttons feel fantastic. The cut-outs on this case are perfect.


Poetic Affinity Case – $13

Poetic’s clear case looks really cool. It has a black frame design going from top to bottom which looks fantastic. Cut-outs feel great and look cool too.

Orzly Fusion Case – $9

Orzly’s take on the clear case is pretty good, too. It has frosted sides which add to the look. Again, clear cases like this one are perfect if you have a skin on your device.


Orzly Airframe Case – $9

The Airframe case looks rather good, as well. On the back is a cool texture that adds grip and looks good, too. The buttons are rubber, contrasting the plastic for a solid feel when pressing the buttons. This case fits pretty tight, so you should be careful if you have a skin on the phone.

Caseology Parallax Case – $13

This case has a unique design on the back that stands out for sure. I’m a sucker for cases with cool designs, and the Parallax case sure does fit the bill.

Rhinoshield Crashguard – $25

While this option is a little more pricey, it’s different than other cases. It’s a bumper, which provides solid protection falling on flat surfaces, while only taking up so much space on your device. It can survive an 11′ drop, according to Rhinoshield, which makes for a good option if you’re accident prone.


Screen Protectors

Orzly Tempered Glass – $8

Orzly glass is available currently for only eight dollars! It has a white border around the display section and leaves no bubbles after installation. The fact that it’s so inexpensive and tempered glass makes for a sweet deal.



Tronsmart Dual-Port USB C – $21

If you want to use your Type-C to Type-C cord, this is the charger for you. It makes for faster charging with the Pixel. But it doesn’t only have the one Type-C port. It also has a USB port for charging other devices at the same time. Both of these are fast charging ports.



Satechi USB C SD Card Reader – $20

Shoot in 4K? Need to transfer those files locally and quickly? Get the SD card reader from Satechi. It’s small and easy to use, which makes for a great little gadget.


Sandisk USB C Flash Drive – $12

This little flash drive is another gadget great for transferring files from your phone to a computer. It doubles as both a Type-C and USB flash drive, allowing you to use it on twice the devices. It can pack up to 128GBs, so you don’t have to worry about space. It only starts at $12!


Micro USB to USB C Adapter – $9

Lastly, the Micro USB to Type-C adapter is the key to all of this. Currently, we still use Micro USB constantly, and if you don’t have a Type-C cord handy and you only have a Micro USB cord, this keychain adapter is perfect for plugging that cord in. I carry one around on my keychain because I didn’t go broke buying it at $9 for a two-pack.