OLALA C2-a 6000mAh Power Bank Review

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I’ve reviewed quite a few power banks over the past several months. Each one tends to have one unique feature that jumps out to me, and this OLALA power bank is no exception to that. OLALA managed to pack a healthy 6,000mAh into a small and lightweight frame that is easy to throw in your pocket — enough to charge your phone once or twice. It also comes with a rare feature — a built-in micro USB charging cable. So, in this review, we’ll take a look at three things which make this power bank a great one to pick up this holiday season: its compact and modern design, features, and a comparison to other power banks.



First off, the design. One of my favorite aspects is that it is lightweight and compact. Other power banks (say, by Anker) are a lot beefier and don’t fit in your pocket that well. This one isn’t much thicker than a phone, making it hardly noticeable. At this point, the color scheme is only a bonus. The front and back are a slightly glittery white, while the sides are a slightly glittery gold. While some may not be a fan of this color scheme, I think that it looks great when combined with white phones.



As for the features on the OLALA C2-a, this doesn’t skimp out. The main point of interest is the built-in micro USB charging cable. This cable makes it ideal to charge your phone while it’s in your bag, your pocket, or even if you are holding it. No long cable snaking around. Next to the built-in cable is the micro USB charging port. Oh, and yes — this power bank can charge itself (don’t ask). The last port on this power bank is a standard USB charging port, so you can plug in your choice of cable. On top is the power button that, when pressed, will give you the current battery level via four LEDs. This isn’t my favorite method of battery indication, but it works.


Unfortunately, because the built-in cable is micro USB, you’re limited as to what devices are compatible with it. Many new phones are launching with USB-C connectors, so mostly older/low-end phones will be able to use this cable. If this doesn’t work for you, then this OLALA power bank may be a better option.


Now, how does this stack up against the competition? One of its closest competitors (from a design standpoint) is the 1byone 10,000mAh power bank. They’re both slim, but the OLALA wins for weight. However, the 1byone battery pack has a neat LCD screen for displaying the current battery level and if it’s charging/discharging. It doesn’t have a built-in cable, but it does have two USB ports for charging other devices. In comparison to the Anker 10,050mAh power bank, the OLALA one definitely wins in design and weight. The Anker power bank is quite a bit heavier and bulkier. Although, it is important to remember that it has 4,000 more mAh than the OLALA power bank. The charging indicator on the Anker battery pack is different, with 10 LEDs instead of four — a nice medium.



As seen in the comparison, the OLALA is a great power bank from a design perspective. It also is quite useful, thanks to the built-in micro USB charging cable. However, if you’re an owner of a USB-C phone, then that cable won’t do you any good and you’d be best off with another power bank.

The OLALA C2-a power bank is currently on sale, and can be bought from Amazon for $20.

OLALA C2-a Power Bank