A quick look at Orzly’s Pixel XL accessories

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Just picked up a new Pixel XL from Google? Odds are you’re on the hunt for some accessories to protect that $700+ phone of yours. Here we have a few accessories from Orzly for the Pixel XL, but first, a little background about the company.

Orzly is an accessory maker based in London, which will at least make shipping a little longer for our US readers. They’ve been in the business for a few years and have manufactured some unique accessories for their brand — including one of the slimmest curved tempered glass screen protectors available.

First up for the Pixel XL is the Fusion Bumper case. This case is a full case, not a bumper (despite the name), that covers the sides and back of your phone. The bumper part comes in the form of the reinforced siding around the insides of the case. The bumper allows for you phone to be extra protected, rather than the normal TPU cases. The bumper part actually comes in various colors to match your style.

Your typical cutouts are there, but one of the things you’ll immediately notice are the buttons. They are very flush with the sides of the case, so it might be hard to press the buttons if you aren’t really focusing on the case. Other than that the case is nice and lightweight and will most likely protect your phone from the average drop you might encounter. The Fusion bumper comes in 3 (bumper) colors: Orange, White, and Black, and cost $8-9 on Amazon, depending on color.

Next, we have the Airframe case, which has a more industrial design with its two-tone, rubber/plastic build. The Airframe is a two-part case consisting of darker rubber base and a lighter plastic exterior. The rubber casing is rugged to improve grip and handling, and protects the phone from (probably) smaller drops than the Fusion Bumper would — the plastic will probably crack before anything else.

The buttons are easily tactile, and the whole case is lightweight and won’t add much bulk to your phone. One thing to note, though, is that the case is somewhat tight, so if you have a skin on your phone, you’re going to want to be careful with installation.

The Airframe case comes in several colors to reflect the color of your Pixel: Blue/Blue, Silver/Graphite, and Black/Black and also cost $8-9 on Amazon, again depending on color.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the 2.5D Pro-Fit curved tempered glass screen protector. In my findings, this is the only glass screen protector that compensates for the Pixel’s slightly curved edges. The Pro-Fit is a full display cover that nearly goes edge-to-edge (especially with cases) and is made in either white or black to accompany the front of your phone.

The panel is a little thick compared to other tempered glasses on the market. You’ll definitely want to use a case as it makes everything flush, edge to edge. The only things…not perfect about this glass is that 1. The underside adhesive is only on the edges, which sort of leaves the glass raised and 2. In direct sunlight, you can somewhat see the pentile matrix in the glass, but both are these “issues” can be easily disregarded. This glass is the #1 screen protector that I’d recommend for the Pixel XL. The Pro-Fit tempered glass protector comes in black or white trim and only cost $8 on Amazon.

Showcasing all three accessories

These are the majority of the current portfolio of Pixel XL accessories from Orzly, at this moment of writing. They also have another case, the Flexicase, which is simply the Fusion Bumper without the internal bumper component. I’d recommend everyone go check out the company, if only just to purchase their Pro-Fit screen protector. We also included these accessories in our recent Google Pixel accessory highlight video, which you can watch down below.

Thanks Orzly for letting us look over your Pixel accessories.

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